The Practice of the Presence of God

A christian in God's presence

God dwells in heaven, but his presence can also be felt on earth if we live in complete alignment with him. Heaven on earth is possible.

We can only experience God's presence after repentance. Sin has nothing to do with his presence. When we repent, God promises not only to cleanse us of our sins but also to bring spiritual refreshment. Repentance may at first seem painful because it is hard to give up certain sins. But God will provide something better. If you seek him, God will refresh you, renew your spirit, fill you with hope, and overwhelm you with the peace and joy of his presence (Acts 3:19).

The presence of God is also felt by the pure in heart. The pure in heart are blessed because they will see God, not only in eternity but will feel his presence here on earth before the appointed in heaven (Matthew 5:8). A pure-hearted person is one whose motives are unmixed, whose thoughts are holy, whose conscience is clean.

God's presence should be sought after continually and not only in times of difficulties. We often run to God when we experience difficulties. But David sought God’s guiding presence every day. When troubles came his way, he was already in God’s presence and prepared to handle any test. Believers can call to God for help at any time, but how shortsighted it is to call on God only when troubles come. Many of our problems could be avoided or handled far more easily by seeking God’s help and direction beforehand (Psalm 27:8).

The presence of God is sought after by prayer. God said we will find him and his presence when we seek Him with the whole of our hearts (Jeremiah 29:12-13). The children of God don’t need to despair at any time because they have the privilege of prayer and God’s grace. God can always be sought and found by those who seek him wholeheartedly. Strange and hostile environments, sorrows, frustration, and physical problems shouldn’t break our communion with God.

The presence of God goes with every child of God and guarantees safety. It went with the children of Israel in the wilderness. Moses asked for God’s presence to lead His people to Canaan. Then the Lord graciously promised that His Presence would go with them. Moses insisted that nothing short of this would do. Like Noah, Moses had found grace in the Lord’s sight and received his request. Safety does not consist of the absence of danger but the presence of God (Exodus 33:14).

There is nothing else that can be compared to God's presence. Joy, peace, and happiness are found in it. Our blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, had the confidence that God will show Him the path of life–the path from death back to life again. This path would ultimately lead Him back to heaven, to God’s presence. There, He would experience the fullness of joy and pleasures for evermore (Psalm 16:11). 

Let’s come boldly before God's presence to receive the help with need through prayer (Hebrews 4:16). Come with reverence, because he is your great king. But also march right in with bold assurance because he is also your friend and counselor. Be confident that he has the power to do all you ask because he owns all the treasures of heaven and earth.

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