Can Satan Hurt a Child of God?

Crying for sin

The book of Job answers it. 
A child of God is untouchable because he is protected.

Satan argued that Job was only faithful to God because he was blessed and protected by him
 (Job 1:10). God granted Satan access to him but he warned against his death (Job 1:12).

This shows that God sometimes permits temptation. Paul assured that he doesn't permit temptation beyond the limit (1 Corinthians 10:13).

A child of God is protected but he can go from it. He walks away from the protection by involving himself in sin and consequently exposing himself to numerous attacks.

Satan doesn't go near children of God if he stays away from sin and he finds nothing against him since he is an accuser (
1 John 5:18).

Satan doesn't always oppose or persecute. He is also subtle. He entices because he knows the lust of a man's heart after careful observation for long. It's better never to regard any lust in the heart. He tempted Eve to fall through enticement.

Children of God should be careful when making life choices and ask for God's leading because Satan brings hurt through it. 

Satan can hurt a Christian if God permits it for a reason or if he sins.
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