Can a Child of God Be Hurt?

The book of Job answers it. A child of God by default is untouchable. This is because a hedge like a wall of protection surrounds him.

Satan told God that Job was faithful to him because of the blessings he gave to him and made him untouchable by placing protection over him (Job 1:10).

The Lord removed the hedge and granted Satan access to Job, but his life must not be touched (Job 1:12).

This shows that though a child of God is protected, the Lord may permit some temptation in his life. Apostle Paul said he will not allow us to be tempted beyond that which we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Though there is a hedge covering every child of God, he too can walk away from the hedge by involving himself in sin exposing himself to many attacks.

The Bible says whoever is born of God does not sin, and the evil one (Satan) cannot touch him (1 John 5:18). That means the evil one cannot touch him so long as he stays away from sin. He can’t gain access if he finds nothing against him. The moment he goes into sin, he is gone and only the Lord can rescue him or if he confesses and repent.

Contrary to what many believe that Satan always comes in the form of opposition and persecution, he is cunning and subtle also like a baby sitter pampering people to fall.

He pampers people to fall through enticement (Proverbs 1:10). He knowing what your lust might be present it before you. Those with greed like seeking a huge sum of money fall prey to this. He used this method against Jesus when he promised to give Christ the whole kingdom of the world but Christ overcame it (Matthew 4:8-10).

Through enticement, he tempted Eve to fall and brought problems to mankind (Genesis 3:6).

Children of God over the world must be careful because Satan like a roaring lion is moving around the earth seeking who he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). You must also be careful in your choice of marriage partner.

Answering the question if a child of God can be hurt, the answer is yes. If the Lord permits it for a reason best known to him or if the individual falls into sin either willfully, mistakenly, or enticement.

If you are passing through tough times and you don’t know why because you didn’t involve in sin, endure because it is but for a moment (Matthew 24:13). Know your life can’t be touched and everything you lost shall be regained (Joel 2:25).

If you fell into sin, repent. God is ever willing to receive you back.
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