The Mark of a Child of God

A child of God

There are several marks of a child of God but one mark the Bible stated plainly is his peaceful nature. This is seen in Matthew 5:9 which says, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

The peacemakers are lovers of peace. They're not only those who separate fight and quarrel but love peace. 

They are not quick to respond to criticism accommodating the opinions of men whether or not it favours them. 

They are forgiving. Have you ever come across people who you offend but they come along some minutes later discussing with you like nothing happened? They have a very strong forgiving spirit because they know if they forgive the offence of men against them, God will forgive their offence against him also (Matthew 6:14). They never give heed to persecution. 

While some people feel letting their aggression known makes them seem strong to the eyes of others, these individuals are strong within but seem weak on the outside. 

The peace-loving children of God are quickly recognized by people. The people know within their heart that they are children of God even if they don't voice it out (Matthew 5:9). 

Their peace loving nature is sometimes taken for granted but yet they remain focused because their identity is in Christ Jesus and not in the opinions of men (Galatians 2:20). 

The peacemakers are calm. They are not motivated by crowd and the serenity of an environment is very important to them. 

The belligerent are the opposite of peacemakers. They are always angry and aggressive. They sometimes pretend to be humble to get what they want, but that is not their true nature. They show their true nature when they get it. 

They never accept criticism. They are always right and never accept that they are wrong. They are haters of good people and lovers of people of their own nature. 

Just as the peacemakers are known to be children of God, so these individuals are known as the children of Satan. 

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. Anyone who does not have a nature of peace is not of God but part of the prince of the power of the air — Satan (Ephesians 2:2). 
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