The Wonders of God's Word

A christian with bible

God's word is wonderful. It's supreme above everything in the world because they will, at a time, cease to exist, but only the word of God will remain forever (Matthew 24:35; Isaiah 40:8).

God's word is infallible. It never fails. Whatever God promises through the word is eventually fulfilled. The word that goes out of him does not return void (Isaiah 55:11).

It's a lamp that gives light for direction in life (Psalm 119:105). Some people are faced with difficulties in making some important decisions in life. The word of God guides our choices. 

Those who live without the guidance of God's word are at risk of stumbling and falling. 

A successful child relies on parental counsel to strive. God is our father and we must rely on his counsel through his words to excel.

The word of God also sanctifies (John 17:17). It's capable of making the unholy holy. Regular reading and meditation of God's word purifies the soul and brings about liberation. Many people have overcome sinful habits through God's word. Liberation through God's word requires persistent reading and meditation. 

God's word brings about growth in the life of an individual (1 Peter 2:2). New converts in Christ experience growth when they study God's word regularly. Mature Christians also experience continual growth in their Christian faith when they do. 

Growth through God's word is not only restricted to the spiritual but physical and all-around development of the individual.

Many have become wise through God's word. It's a fountain of wisdom and understanding (Psalm 119:130). The wisdom of God is supreme above other wisdom. Dedicated reading of God's word increases the wisdom of the reader.

God is wise. Knowledge and understanding come from him through his words. It's transferred to whoever comes in contact with it. 

God's word is also a shield (Psalm 18:30). It protects the mind from the lies of Satan. 

The minds of some people are sometimes clouded with doubt and fear. The word of God is the shield that boosts the faith of the mind to repel negative thoughts of anxiety. 

The word of God is indeed quick, powerful, and wonderful (Hebrews 4:12). It's life to whoever put their trust in it. 

Jesus said the words he spoke are life (John 6:63). He is God and his words are written in the Bible. Regular study boosts faith and leads to a productive life. 
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