Why Jesus Is the Bread of Life

Jesus with bread

Bible Text: John 6:48-58

Jesus, speaking to the Jews, said many things about himself. He called himself the bread of life from heaven that should be eaten. They wondered how his flesh can be eaten as bread.

Bread is a staple food in many countries. It is eaten to quench hunger. It brings satisfaction to whoever eats it after some period of hunger.

Similarly, Jesus Christ brings true satisfaction to the life of an individual.

Many people crave satisfaction and happiness. Some have tried other means of getting happiness like financial security and others, but couldn't find happiness in them.

Only Jesus Christ brings satisfaction to the soul.

The absence of Jesus in the life of people is the cause of spiritual death. A body without bread or food for a long time leads to death. We need Jesus to stay alive.

Maintaining a close relationship with him is very important. Irregular eating of food can cause sickness. A sporadic relationship with Christ can as well cause spiritual problems. Maintain a close relationship with him in prayer, the world, and meditation.

Bread cannot be eaten alone. It goes with water. Jesus is with the water that quenches the thirst of the soul. He told the woman in the well that the water she drinks will bring test again, but his water will quench all thirst and spring up into everlasting life (John 4:13-14).

Many are weary of life's demands. They try to do it all alone, but Christ said we can do nothing without him (John 6:48-58).

Some people have heart desires that are not satisfied. Desires for God's will in marriage and other life choices. Life in Christ satisfies the desire of our hearts (Psalm 37:4).

We are satisfied with the love of God when we live in Christ. Some search for love, but the true love of God is found in Christ.

Life in Christ satisfies an individual with many things, like bread that satisfies a person from hunger. He is satisfied with long life, peace of mind, and prosperity.

Bread is easily accessible in countries. Similarly, Jesus Christ is accessible to whoever is willing to accept him into their lives. He has promised not to cut off anyone that comes to him (John 6:37).

Accept him into your life and be saved and be satisfied with life. 

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