How to Overcome Lack in Christian Life

Jesus feeds many

Bible Text: Matthew 15:32-39

Jesus taught the multitude in the wilderness for a long time. They needed to eat, but there was a lack of food. It was in the wilderness where they couldn't buy food nearby (Matthew 15:32-33).

They had seven loaves of bread and a few fish, and Jesus asked them to bring it (Matthew 15:34).

He blessed the bread by giving thanks to God and there was a multiplication. 

Matthew 15:36, “And he took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks, and brake them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.”

Jesus, his disciples, and the multitude overcame lack and saw multiplication in the wilderness by giving thanks to God. 

In like manner, we can overcome lack in Christian life when we show gratitude to God for the little in our possession instead of complaining.

The just should live by faith. We must not see abundance before we believe that God is with us and making provision for every need (Romans 1:17).

Gratitude and avoiding complaints are what we need to overcome lack, and God will provide all we need to the end. 

Anxiety over our needs is one of the causes of complaining, but pray and be thankful instead of complaining (Philippians 4:6).

The righteous are never forsaken or seen begging for bread. God makes all grace of provision abound to him if he shows appreciation for the little he has and avoids complaining (Psalm 37:25).

God doesn't want our anxiety over anything, but give him first place in your life and he will make provision for your needs (Matthew 6:33).

God takes care of birds and grasses when they don't ask. We are created in his image and likeness. He will always provide for us when we ask. He dislikes complaining, but wants to see our faith (Job 38:41).

God will never leave or forsake you. Some, because of lack, have gone into the wrong ways of meeting their needs. They complain that the one they have in their possession is not enough but God doesn't forsake his people who seek his help and are always thankful for what they receive. 

God wants our thanks. We should always thank him before and after we ask.
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