The Beauty Of Godliness

A christian with Holy Bible

Godliness is the belief in God and reverence for him living by his laws and set standards.

A godly person is Christ-like in character and actions (1 John 3:2). He puts God first in whatever he does (Matthew 6:33). He doesn’t live by the world's standards or follow the counsel of unrighteousness (Romans 12:2; Psalm 1:1).

There is great gain in godliness. The wages of unrighteousness are only for a moment. God wants everyone to live in godliness (1 Timothy 6:6).  

Through godliness, we receive the promise of all God has in stock for us and eternal life at the end of life (1 Timothy 4:8).

The life of godliness is a life of peace and joy. A godly person enjoys a close relationship with God. There is fullness of joy in the presence of God.

To live a godly life, you must first repent of your sins. Godliness is living at all times to please God and no one can please God while in sin. Repent and the Spirit of God will dwell in you to give the enablement to live a righteous and godly life (Acts 2:38).

After repentance, present yourself to God for control and guidance. He wants to remold you to perfection in godliness  (Romans 12:1).

Watch, pray, and study God's word to maintain a life of godliness. 

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