Why You Should Surrender All to God

A christian hands raised

God wants to reign over our lives. We are not created to live independently from God. We should surrender to him to have total control over us. 

We can do nothing without God (John 15:5). Every Christian is a child of God. A child must rely on his mother for survival. So, we must rely on God for survival as well. 

God wants to take care of us, but will only do so when we surrender ourselves to him. No father takes care of a child that leaves him like the prodigal son who left his father but was received and taken care of when he came back and surrendered to him (Luke 15:11-24).

When we surrender ourselves to God, he directs us to know and discern his will for our lives. 

We are sometimes faced with difficulties in making life choices. God guides our choices when we surrender to him and we make little or no mistakes. 

We are admonished in Romans 12:2 not to conform to the world. We conform to the ways of God when we are not conformed to the world to discern his perfect will for us. 

As we surrender all to God, we have more grace to resist the devil and his works in our lives. James 4:7 says we should submit ourselves to God. When we do, we have the grace to resist the devil and he will flee from us. 

God has given his people the keys to heaven and earth. What they bind on earth is bound in heaven and what they loose on earth is loosed in heaven. Only the people who have surrendered to God enjoy the privilege (Matthew 16:19).

You will have rest and peace of mind when you come to God. Jesus says we should come to him and he will give us rest (Matthew 11:28).

Sin and sicknesses are heavy burdens to bear alone. God is inviting us to surrender ourselves to him and he will lift the burden and we will find rest. 

We are sometimes faced with difficulties. It's not caused by God, but he permits it. When we surrender our lives to him, he stands by us in the days of trouble (Psalm 9:10).

Those who surrender their lives to God don't live by the dictates and desires of the flesh. The flesh is demanding and lusts after many things. It's kept under subjection when we surrender our lives to God (Galatians 5:24). 

God wants us to surrender to him so that he can promote us in due time (James 4:10).

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