Faith Over Fear

Jesus with his disciples

Jesus was on a ship with his disciples and a great storm arose. The disciples were fearful. They called on Jesus, who was asleep and he rebuked the storm. Jesus wasn’t happy with them because they couldn’t exercise the faith he had taught them for many years (Matthew 8:23-26).

Jesus Christ was in the midst of the storm but was asleep before the disciples called on him. In every storm we face in life, Christ is aware, but may be silent. He wants us to call on him to rebuke the storm. Christ can rebuke every storm without being called upon, but the law of nature demands that we get the response of anyone to act when we seek their attention. God doesn’t go contrary to the laws of nature.

God wants us to call on him during storms, just as the disciples called on Jesus. The disciples of Christ cried out, “Lord, save us…” (Matthew 8:25). We call on God through prayer. We can only get help in times of trouble when we seek the attention of those who have the solution. God has the solution to all problems and wants us to call on him.

Every storm can be rebuked through prayer and faith. Christ rebuked the storm but expected the fearful disciples to have done that. Faith is the absence of fear. The absence of fear attracts God to act. Fear repels him and attracts the devil to worsen the situation.

The period of storm demands faith. Jesus Christ asked his disciples about their faith in the middle of the storm (Matthew 8:26). Being a follower of Christ is not enough, but learning from Christ as you follow him matters most. The period of a storm is the moment everyone is expected to put into practice all he has been learning from Christ.

However, following Christ doesn’t immune anyone from storm. The disciples of Christ followed Christ. He was in their midst, and yet they experienced a storm. Anyone can face storm but a believer overcomes every storm when he calls on God.
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