Fix Your Eyes on Jesus


The Christian race is a walk with Christ. He sets the pace, and we follow. He has set an example that we should follow his steps (1 Peter 2:21). He wants us to focus on him with undivided attention. 

Christ is taking us on a journey. We must focus on him to arrive at our destination. He alone knows where he is taking us to. We can't afford to walk alone without his assistance. He is close to us as we walk with him. He wants us to ask for his help when we need it. We can do so through prayer (John 14:13).

Walk with Christ with patience. Don’t walk ahead of him. He is leading you. Every journey requires time to arrive at the destination. We may want things in a hurry, but Christ delights more in molding us to his desire before we become what we desire.

We are persuaded that what God starts, he will complete. The journey he has begun with you he will finish. Every journey has a beginning and ending (Philippians 1:6).

Every journey requires preparation before the arrival at the destination. Don’t be in a haste. Thoroughly ground yourself as you move with Christ for the arrival of your destination. Reads books, attend lectures, and acquire knowledge through different means.

The walk with Christ is not always with fanfare. He will also take you through lonely roads and wilderness where you will think he has abandoned you, but he has promised not to leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). Even while in the wilderness, he will keep you in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3).

Eventually, he will bring you to the place he has ordained for you before your journey with him began if you choose to fix your gaze on him as he carries you through.
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