How to Connect With God Through Prayer

A christian during prayer

Prayer is the act of talking to God and receiving a response from him. It’s not complete without a response from God. Prayer without response is prayer without a connection, like a plug unplugged from the electric socket. 

Anxiety is a waste of energy when we have God to talk to in times of need and trouble. God expects us to connect to him through prayer every time we are in need. He has admonished us not to be anxious over anything but by prayer and supplication, we should make our request made known to him (Philippians 4:6).

We can connect to God in prayer through faith. It’s impossible to please God without faith. It’s impossible also to connect with him in prayer without faith. Faith attracts God and doubts with uncertainties repel him. He demands that we “believe” when we ask in prayer before we can receive from him (Mark 11:24). 

Praying the word is another way to connect to God in prayer. God loves when his word is given back to him. Wordy empty phrases in prayer is disliked by God. Select key verses from the scriptures and pray through them. Let God's word abide in you because you can only give what you have. You can only pray with the scriptures you’ve got (John 15:7). Study and meditate on God's word so that his word will dwell richly in you. 

Consistency is another way to stay connected to God in prayer. Pray daily or several times a day to stay connected to God. Apostle Paul admonished that we pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Avoid distractions whenever you pray to stay connected with God. Christ advised we go to the inner room and shut the door (Matthew 6:6). Although this is in the context of prayer without hypocrisy. Distractions take our minds from God. You must avoid it to stay connected to God.

Finally, rely on the Spirit’s guidance to stay connected to God in prayer because we may not be able to pray with focus without the help of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26).
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