The Cleansing Touch of Jesus

Touch of Jesus

There is always an obvious difference between a life with Jesus and without him. Life without Christ is full of so many unclean habits which are removed as we come to know him.

A crowd followed Christ after he had taught them. Among the crowd was a leper. He called for the attention of Jesus Christ to heal him. Jesus touched him and he was healed (Matthew 8:1-3).

The man’s leprosy was cleansed immediately, but giving our lives Christ may not always put to an end old habits immediately. It sometimes takes time, but you get better as you stay longer with Christ till perfection.

You must be a follower of Christ to experience his cleansing touch. The leper was among the multitude that followed Christ (Matthew 8:1-2). He was a follower of Christ. The worldly who live in sin cannot experience Jesus' touch.

Giving our lives to Jesus is one thing and experiencing his touch is another. We receive Christ into our lives when we confess him as Lord and believe in his death and resurrection (Romans 10:9). But we experience his touch when we continually seek his attention and presence in prayer. The leper called for the attention of Jesus before he received his touch. He worshiped Christ. His act of worship attracted the touch of Christ (Matthew 8:2). Similarly, our act of worship in prayer will attract Christ's touch.

The is power in the touch of Jesus. Receive him into your life to experience it.
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