The Healing Power of God's Word

A christian with bible

Many sick and possessed with devils were brought to Christ and he healed them with his word (Matthew 8:16). The words of Christ are the words of God because he is God (Philippians 2:6-7).

Peter's wife's mother was also healed of fever (Matthew 8:14-15). The healing power of God's word is not only restricted to fever but every sickness and disease. 

Jesus healed Peter's wife's mother by laying on hands but diseases are not only healed by laying on hands but by doing so and praying with God's word on the sick patient. 

A centurion servant was sick. It was communicated to Christ. He agreed to go with the man to heal his sick servant. The centurion objected and suggested that Jesus should speak the word only and his servant will be healed. Jesus did so and his servant was healed (Matthew 8:5-13).

God's word can heal from a distance. Distance is not a barrier. Praying for a person from a distance with God's word will bring healing to the person.

Meticulous study of God's word also brings healing to the mind. It's of tremendous benefits to mental health because the evil thoughts of doubt and fear from the devil are wiped out by God's word. 

God is only interested in his word. It is his language. He speaks and listens through it. He also unleashes his healing prowess through his word.

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