You’re Protected by God

Protected by God

God would always protect his own. He never allows harm to come near his people. He gives his angels charge over them to keep them safe at all times (Psalm 91:11).

God doesn’t allow them to wander in danger. He keeps them safe. Though permits difficulties at some times, he delivers in the end (Psalm 34:7).

God is a refuge for all who put their trust in him. He is a rock and fortress. The righteous run to him and are safe (Psalm 71:3). If you put your trust in him, he will protect you.

The children of God don’t walk alone. They are protected by legions of angels. The servant of Elisha was troubled when chariots and horses approached them. Elisha told him not to be afraid that the unseen forces with them were more than them. Elisha asked God to open his eyes to see. The servant's eyes were opened, and he saw legions protecting them (2 Kings 6:14-17).

Just as the servant of Elisha thought he was alone, some people are not aware that they are protected by unseen legions of angels.

Some put their trust in material things for protection instead of God. Others rely on ungodly means of protection like the use of charms, but God wants us to put all trust in him (Isaiah 31:1).

God's protection is not only restricted to adults. Little children are also protected by God. He never allows hurt to come near them, and anyone who tries to hurt them does not go unpunished (Matthew 18:10).

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper. Stay with God and he will keep you safe always.
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