The Plan of God for You

A Christian with cross

The plan of God for his people is to live in peace and to have great hope for the future (Jeremiah 29:11). Satan plans evil but God overturns it for good.

The plan of God for us may not be understood initially but we will in the end. He may permit trials and temptation but it’s part of his plan to mold us to what he desires of us (Micah 4:12).

God will do what he has said concerning your life. The words that go out of him do not return void without being accomplished (Isaiah 55:11). His plan will prevail over Satan's concerning your life.

However, we must be patient. The plans of God may take time to be fulfilled in our lives. Delay is not denial. He works behind the scene and you may think nothing is happening. Patience is a Christian virtue we all need to prevail. Patiently wait for the salvation of God (Lamentations 3:26).

God is a great restorer. He will restore whatever you have lost for his plans to prevail. He will restore the years and times the wild locust has eaten and give you a new beginning (Joel 2:25).

Trust in God. Pray for his direction to lead you to the plans he has for you. Acknowledge him in everything, he will direct your path. 

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