Keep Your Prayer Simple

Christian during prayer

Prayer is the best way to keep close contact with God. God wants his people to speak to him regularly in prayer but wants it rendered appropriately.

To extend the time spent in prayer, some pray with repetition. Many words in prayer don’t guarantee answers. The answer to prayer is determined by how close a person is to God. Sin separates a person from God. The prayer of a sinner cannot be heard (Isaiah 59:2).

Do not pray with vain repetition, heaping up empty phrases in prayer. It’s a common practice among unbelievers. A true believer should pray with the right words (Matthew 6:7).

The book of proverbs says transgression is not lacking when words are many, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent. We also need to restrain our lips in prayer in order not to transgress with many words (Proverbs 10:19).

Prayer only requires persistence and consistency for answers. It's the key to answers to prayer. Jesus teaching his disciples to pray taught them persistence. Do not give up on your request but persistently ask. It will be answered (Luke 11:5-10).

Let your words be few and simple in prayer. Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal. The prophets shouted and cried, cutting themselves to be heard, but their prayer was not answered (1 Kings 18:26-28). But Elijah prayed a simple prayer to God, and he was answered (1 Kings 18:36-38).

Be relaxed during prayer. Do not rush your words. Speak to God as you speak to your best friend. Don’t haste with your words as you speak to God. Haste in prayer is a sign that you have only allocated a little time with God, but God wants us to give him our time and heart (Ecclesiastes 5:2-3).

Pray appropriately with simplicity. God knows what you want even before asking.
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