God Will Fight for You

A christian

God always fights the battles of his people. Difficulties may persist for some time but he works behind the scene to bring solutions to every problem.

God doesn’t bring troubles to the life of anyone (James 1:13). They are caused by Satan and his minions but God permits it for different reasons.

God may permit trials in the life of an individual as a test of faith or may permit it to humble the person so that he can focus on him (Leviticus 26:41-42). They are all temporary. He takes it away in due time.

The anger of God doesn’t last forever. Adam and Eve sinned. He was angry with them and cursed them. But for his love, he made clothing to cover their nakedness. He still fought and provided for them despite their sin (Genesis 3:21).

The children of Israel were stiff-necked in the wilderness but God still promised to fight for them because of his love. He took care of them and brought them to the promised land (Exodus 14:14).

As God fights for us, we all have our roles to play. We should stay strong in faith and trust in him. We should live righteously and avoid sin.  We should cultivate the habit of prayer. These are the armor that will keep us safe as God fights our battle for us (Ephesians 6:13-18).

Don’t let your heart be troubled, Christ has said. Believe in him and trust in God. He will see you through  (John 14:27).

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