What God Desires From Every Christian

Christian with bible

BIBLE TEXT: Luke 10:38-42

God desires several things from a Christian, but the biblical story of Christ's encounter with Mary and Martha shows God desires two things from every believer.

Jesus was received by a hospitable woman called Martha at her house. She had a sister called Mary.

When Jesus arrived, Martha was concerned with service, but Mary was concerned with keeping company with Jesus.

Mary “sat at Jesus' feet and heard his word”. She was praised.

Luke 10:39, “And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word.”

This shows the two things God greatly desires from every believer.

Like Mary, who sat at Jesus' feet, God desires our companionship and relationship with him over service.

Jesus in John 15:14-15 says he desires to call us his friends and not servants. He desires our intimate relationship with Him in prayer, the study of his word, meditation, etc.

Abraham was greatly loved by God. He served God but also had a close companionship with him. He was called a friend of God (James 2:23).

Mary heard the word of Jesus. God desires that we receive his word. He does not only desire we receive his word but obey the instructions received.

We can receive the word of God by daily study of the Bible or by listening to God's inspired sermons from his ministers.
Humans can't live on food alone (Luke 4:4). Food is meant for the body, but God's word is important for the soul.

A soul that is not constantly fed with God's word lacks the vigor to gain any interest in the things of God.

Serving without a real relationship with God in prayer and the word of God is the root cause of hypocrisy in Christian service. Service to God requires the help of God and we can only get his help when we have a sincere relationship with him.

Jesus praised Mary for doing the most important in keeping close company with him to hear his word while Martha was busy with activities (Luke 10:41-42).

Until we desire a close relationship with God in prayer and the word, we may never experience the real joy of serving God.
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