How to Overcome Temptation in Difficult Times

Satan tempts Jesus

Bible Text: Matthew 4:4-11

In difficult times, one is tempted to give up on God and follow the ways of the world.

Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, but he overcame. He was hungry and tempted by the devil, but he overcame through the word of God.

Jesus Christ replied with, “It is written,” to every temptation thrown at him (Matthew 4:4). In like manner, anyone faced with temptation can overcome it through God's word.

Satan comes invisibly in difficult times to tempt people and draw them away from the ways of God. He sends his agents to promise the easy way out of the problem.

At such times, we should rely on the promises of God. He promised to complete what he starts and will fulfill it (Romans 4:21).

Temptation in difficult times is a test of character. It's temporary and shouldn't weigh us down. It is faced by everyone in the faith at one point or the other. God knows the limit everyone can bear and does not go beyond it (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Trusting in God's word and regular study helps to overcome temptation.

The temptation will come, but Christ admonished us to watch and pray to overcome it. Vigilance and prayer are powerful tools to overcome temptation (Matthew 26:41).

Resist the devil during temptation in difficult times. He suggests false thoughts to our hearts but use the word of God as the Sword of the Spirit to repel him (James 4:7).

Satan is an accuser. We should regard no unconfessed sin in our hearts. We should confess and forsake them because he will nullify every God's word we speak with the secret sin we keep in our heart (1 John 1:9).

Satan tempts the desire of a person. He knew Christ was hungry and tempted him with food (James 1:14). Trust in God in temptation and difficult times. He is the provider. He will take care of you if you trust in him (1 Peter 5:7).

God's word admonishes us to remain steadfast in trial. God does not tempt but permits it and promises everyone who overcomes the crown of life (James 1:12)
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