The People God Shows His Wonders

Prayer made

The Lord is a God of wonders (Psalm 77:14). He desires to show his people great signs and wonders as he did to the children of Israel in Egypt and the wilderness (Exodus 7:3).

God shows his wonders to some group of people only. The group of people is revealed in Joshua 3:5.

The children of Israel were close to the Promised Land. The Levites bore the ark. The children of Israel were told to follow the priests and Levites bearing the ark but should keep some distance from them (Joshua 3:3-4).

Joshua in Joshua 3:5 told the people to sanctify themselves because God will show them wonders the next day. This reveals the people the Lord shows his wonders.

God shows his wonders to the people sanctified just as Joshua asked the people to sanctify themselves to see the Lord's wonders.

To sanctify in this context means to purify or to clean up. To be sanctified means to be purified and cleaned up from every sin. Sin hinders people from seeing God's wonders in their life.

Some believers run after signs and wonder when it is supposed to be part of their lifestyle as proof of their faith in God.

Jesus was appalled some of his followers only believe when they see signs and wonders when it should be part of their life as a believer when they believe first (Matthew 12:39; John 4:48).

The people sought after the apostles' signs when they had believed and received their doctrine first. Faith should come first before the desire of signs and wonders (Acts 2:42-43).

Run after purity and signs and wonders will follow you from behind naturally. The people who God wrought his signs and wonders through in old times were men of purity.

Daniel was a man of great signs and wonders. The Lord gave him special and unique abilities like dreams and vision and the ability to interpret them correctly (Daniel 4:4-8). He refused to defile and corrupt himself (Daniel 1:8).

God did great signs and wonders among the apostles. They were all men of purity (Act 5:12)

Some people who desire signs and wonders before faith has fallen into the snares of the devil. Christ said false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders. It will look real but will pierce the receivers of the miracle with sorrows (Matthew 24:24).

The antichrist himself will deceive the world with great signs. He will call fire from heaven. The people who seek after signs and wonders before faith will follow him (2 Thessalonians 2:8-12).

I pray the Lord gives us a discerning spirit in Jesus' name. Amen.

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