The Different Ways God Heals

Lady in need of healing

God wants everyone in good health. Sickness for anyone is not his will for us. He inspires doctors and other health workers work in bringing about healing. He does his part also in different ways. 

Some of the ways are: 

1. Through the Prayer of Another

Intercessors pray. They speak to God on behalf of others who may not have the ability to pray fervently and consistently.

This was illustrated in the encounter of Abraham with King Abimelech (Genesis 20). 

Abraham made a journey to a foreign land (Genesis 20:1). He told his wife, Sarah, to tell anyone he sees in Gerar that she was his sister because he thought the land was an ungodly land and his life would be in danger if they knew she was his wife. Sarah obeyed.

Abimelech took in Sarah to lay with her (Genesis 20:2). He hadn’t touched her before God appeared to him in a dream and asked him to restore Sarah to his husband, Abraham (Genesis 20:3-7).

God had already closed up the womb of the Abimelech household. God told him to restore Sarah to his husband and Abraham would pray for him to restore the womb of his household. 

Abimelech restored Sarah to his husband and God restored the womb of his household after Abraham prayed for him (Genesis 20:17-18).

God instructed Abimelech and told him Abraham would pray for him. This shows God wants cases before him through the prayer of others.

2. Through Personal Prayer

God answers personal prayer for healing. This is illustrated in the story of King Hezekiah's ailment (2 Kings 20).

Hezekiah was sick. Prophet Isaiah came and announced his imminent death to him. Hezekiah mourned but didn’t accept. He turned to the wall and prayed. God answered him and restored his health (2 Kings 20:7).

3. Through the Word of God

God brings healing as well through his word. The word of God has the power to heal. 

Meticulous study of the word of God brings healing especially to the mind. Listening to godly sermons from great men of God brings healing. God sends his words through the Holy Bible or the mouth of his prophets to bring healing to his people (Psalm 107:20).

The Centurion believed in the healing effect of God's word when he requested that Jesus should speak a word and his servant will be healed. He did and his servant was healed by the word of God/Christ (Matthew 8:5-13).

4. Through the Words of the Righteous

The book of proverbs says the words of the wise is health. The wise are righteous people. God lays sound wisdom for the righteous (Proverbs 2:7). It’s a common strait for a righteous person to speak wise words (Psalm 37:30). These wise words bring healing to the hearers or readers  (Proverbs 12:18).

This healing is found among those who speak inspirational words inspired by God. They receive the words directly from God and pass them across to an audience.

5. Through a Person With the Gift of Healing

The Holy Spirit gives different gifts to people as he wills and the gift of healing is one (1 Corinthians 12:9; 12:28). They are individuals who because of the passion they have shown towards the sick are given the gift to continue the work. 

It is God working with them to bring healing to others. They are like doctors with certifications from heaven.

6.Through Direct Healing From God

God heals sometimes directly without a third party. This is done out of his mercy on the individual especially when others options are not available to the individual (Jeremiah 33:6).

7. Through a Close Relationship With Christ

Relationship with Christ brings good health.

The scripture says Jesus took our infirmities, bore our sickness on the Cross, and by his stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5; Matthew 8:17).

Jesus went about the street of Galilee healing the sick and giving hope to the hopeless, he is still doing the same (Matthew 4:23; Acts 10:38).

God makes healing available to anyone that comes to his Son, Jesus. The healing may not be immediate, but as you grow in your relationship with Christ, the healing is perfected.

God desires your growth in Christ and godliness before healing. 

8. Through Confession

Satan brings sickness through accusations or guilt of the sin done in the past. 

The past is irrelevant when one comes to Christ but there are some sins so grievous that should be confessed to the one wronged before the guilt and sickness are taken away.

The scripture admonished us to confess our fault to one another and pray for one another to be healed (James 5:16).

9. Through Obedience

God cherishes obedience from people. He can bring healing to anyone he finds with such. An obedience heart I treasured by God.

This is exemplified in John 9:6-7. Christ healed a blind man by spitting to the ground and rubbing his eyes with it. He asked him to go wash the sputum in a pool nearby. The man did and came back with his sight restored.

The man would have missed his healing if he had disobeyed. 

God may give a command through any of his anointed vessels to heal someone. God gives healing through the command. Obedience receives it (Exodus 15:26).

10. Through Giving to God

God heals through giving as well. Someone can be plagued with an ailment. He goes into a covenant with God that if he takes away the sickness he will give a specific amount or gift to his house.

God who is a covenant-keeping God would not break his covenant. He will heal the individual.

We pray God to grant us good health always. Amen.

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