How a Person Can Bear God's Glory

The glory of God

The glory of God is the brightness or splendor he possesses. God is light (1 John 1:5). His light is transferred to anyone or anything that comes in close contact with him or his attribute.

If you have seen any in trance or vision, angels of God radiate light because they are always in his presence in heaven (Daniel 10:5-6).

Those who spend time with God in his presence in prayer, the study of the word, or meditation also radiate his glory.

The glory of God was manifested in Moses. The Lord asked him to meet him in Mount Sinai and he obeyed (Exodus 34:2). He spent a long time with him in the mount (forty days). The face of Moses shone when he returned from the mount. It was seen by Aaron and all the children of Israel (Exodus 34:30).
The light Moses’ face bore was God's glory. It happened because of the quality time he spent with the Lord whose presence is glorious.

Moses spent forty days with the Lord in the mount. To bear God’s glory, the time spent with him matters. The more time you spend with God, the more of his glory you will bear.

Consistency is a factor also to bear his glory. The angels bear his glory because they're always in his presence.

Moses met with the Lord in the morning as he was instructed (Exodus 34:4). The Lord answers the prayer prayed anytime, but the power of the prayer laid before him in the morning should not be underestimated. Jesus practiced praying in the morning. He rose early in the morning, went to a solitary place, and prayed (Mark 1:35). Don't ask why. He knows better. Just do it!

The light on Moses' face amazed the children of Israel. To prevent the glory to be seen, Moses put on a veil or covering (Exodus 34:35). The glory of the Lord can be prevented from being seen on us by the things we put on. These include creams, powder, or perfume that is not in agreement with the natural fragrance he has given. Cosmetic, jewelry, ornaments that the Lord disdain covers or reduce his glory as well (See Why Putting on Jewelry is Sinful).

The glory of God manifests in various ways. Some are seen obviously like it was with Moses. Their faces shine literally, and you wonder if such individuals are aliens. They pull the crowd to themselves. The people see the obvious light and are attracted to it even without signs and wonders.

Some are not too obvious in physical but in the spiritual. Their glory is seen by those who can look into the spirit (like the possessed). They find it hard to look into the eyes or faces of those who possess the glory. Who can gladly look at the sun during the day?

The glory of God is seen also in the work of people who possess it. This includes writing, craftsmanship, decoration, or anything the individual does with his hands. Anything the individual touches turns pure gold. If you see light in this writing it's because of the glory of God with the writer.

Excellence attracts the Lord’s glory also. The Lord told Abraham to walk with him and be perfect (Genesis 17:1). He wants him to be perfect in what he does. The Lord demands perfection in whatever that is done to attract his glory. Zeal only is not enough.

Anyone who does a thing excellent will see God's glory in it regardless of being a believer or not.
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