How a Church Can Bear God's Glory

Church worship

The glory of God is his brightness or splendor that goes with anyone or a group that is in a close relationship with him.

An individual bears the glory of God when he spends quality time with him in prayer, the word, or in meditation (See How to Bear the Glory of God).

The church as a group can bear the glory of God as well. This is illustrated in the book of Exodus.

God told Moses to build for him a tabernacle where he would reveal his presence.

The Lord gave special abilities to individuals like Bezaleel and Aholiab to build it (Exodus 36:1). The work began and was completed with the help of donations from the children of Israel.

The work of the tabernacle was completed. Moses and others could not enter because the glory of God filled the tabernacle (Exodus 40:35).

The tabernacle was not filled with the glory of God by coincidence. Moses confirmed in Exodus 39:43 that the tabernacle was built as the Lord commanded.

The tabernacle represents the church buildings today because God's presence dwells in them.

God's glory is seen and felt in a church when it does exactly as God commands. This involves following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Though a structure may be laid and a protocol followed, the Holy Ghost sometimes gives a prompting for a temporal change.

For example, a preacher said he prepared for a sermon, but as he arrived at the church venue he was prompted to teach another topic different from the one he prepared for. He obeyed and as he stepped on the pulpit the Spirit of God took over. A massive move of the Holy Spirit was felt in the meeting, which recorded repentance in large numbers.

The Holy Spirit wants to have his way sometimes. Not giving him the room is quenching his move (1 Thessalonians 5:19). The consequence of quenching the Holy Spirit is boredom in the meetings. There is no church without the Holy Spirit.

God's glory is found also in churches with strict compliance with the word of God. This together with following the prompting of the Holy Spirit is doing as the Lord commands. The commands of God are revealed in his word. Following them attracts his glory. Why? God is found wherever his word dwells.

The condition of the church also matters. These include its structure and tidiness. The priests were asked to wash with water before coming to God's presence (Exodus 40:12). A saying says cleanliness is next to godliness.

The structure and beauty of the church building is a factor to attract God's glory. Many people travel far country for tourism just to see its beauty. Some great ministers have been criticized for building large beautiful cathedrals for worship, but God deserves the best and their criticism means nothing.

The believers are the church also. They bear God’s glory when lead by the Holy Spirit and God’s word.

May God's glory is in all churches across the world. Amen.
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