Why Jesus Is the Bread of Life

Jesus with bread

Jesus miraculously fed a great multitude who came to listen to him. He described himself as the “bread of life” in John 6:35.

One will wonder why Jesus would describe himself as “bread”. How can he be eaten? And how can he satisfy the hunger of others?

Bread is food. There is little or no chance for survival without food.

When Jesus says he is the bread of life, he means he is the bread (food) needed for life. No one can survive without him. He said we cannot do anything without him (John 15:5).

Everyone needs Jesus for survival, except the person is an alien. He is the air that we breathe. You won't feel comfortable without Christ in your life. You will feel you are being suffocated. Life will not make a complete meaning to you. You feel that something is missing in your life, no matter the luxury you may live in.

Bread also brings satisfaction. Christ only can bring true satisfaction to the life of a person.

Many feel they can only get satisfaction when they gain and possess everything, but satisfaction can only be found in a godly life of contentment with Christ.

Some who have gained much without Christ still wonder why they're not still satisfied. Only Christ brings true satisfaction.

Jesus said anyone who comes to him shall never hunger or taste (John 6:35). When someone is not hungry or does not feel thirsty, it simply means he is satisfied and may not even find the desire to gain (eat) more. This can only be found in Christ.

Jesus said except his flesh is eaten and his blood is drunk you can never find life in you (John 6:53). But how can the flesh of Christ be eaten and his blood drank? 

Is he referring to the holy communion? NO!

The flesh and blood of Jesus Christ in the context symbolizes food and water, which is needed daily for survival. A man who hasn't eaten in days will look malnourished.

As we need food daily for survival, so also we need Christ daily for survival. That is why Christ said we don't only need the material bread and food, but the word of God also (Luke 4:4). Jesus is the word (John 1:14).

“How can I live and feed on the bread of life?” “How can I eat and drink the blood of Jesus?”, you may ask.

To do those, maintain a consistent link and communion with Christ through his Spirit. This involves all Christian activities and exercises like prayer and the word of God. It also involves doing whatever pleases him and living righteous and in total surrender daily with him through the Holy Spirit.

Even as we seek and feed on our daily material bread, we pray not to ignore the bread that gives true life, which can only be found in Christ. Amen.

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