Who Christ Says Your Neighbor Is

Christ like love

There is over one meaning to a word sometimes. The common meaning of neighbor is someone who lives near another. Christ thinks differently from that.

After spending some time with his disciples, a lawyer came to Christ seeking to know the prerequisite for eternal life.

Christ asked the lawyer about the existing knowledge he had on what is needed to inherit eternal life. The man said, love. To love God and to love his neighbor (Luke 10:26-27).

The man asked Christ who his neighbor was. Probably he expected him to say, “the man and the woman next door to your house”. But the Lord in Luke 10:30-37 gave an uncommon meaning of neighbor.
In a parable, Christ said a man was traveling but was attacked by thieves that injured him badly and took everything that he had (Luke 10:30).

Top officials in the church saw the man and walked by. They were late for church, I guess. The Samaritan saw the wounded man and had compassion for him. He took the responsibility to ensure that the man was fully alright (Luke 10:34-35).

Christ asked the lawyer who he thinks was a neighbor to the man that was attacked, and he said the man who was at help in the time of need (Luke 10:36-37).

A neighbor is not just someone who lives near another but anyone that needs our help or anyone we render help most especially in the time of difficulty.

The help rendered should be spontaneous and not mutual, not only helping the person and hoping he will help someday. When you help you expect nothing in return and it will return to you in unexpected ways (Ecclesiastes 11:1).

Christ is not interested in who a person is or the big title or position he holds in the church like the ones who saw the injured man and walked away (Luke 10:31-32). He is interested in is the compassion we show to one another and not only in words or behavior but in action also.

Without love, it is impossible to see the kingdom of God. Love is being misinterpreted and faked. Some people smile and hug at the front and only to backbite that same person they hug. This makes people love the wrong and hate the right.

Love is patient. It’s patiently seeking and waiting to express and prove itself in a time of need.
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