What The Kingdom of Heaven Is

Jesus on the throne

The kingdom of heaven used interchangeably with the phrase “kingdom of God” refers differently in bible passages to mean both the literal heaven (the abode of God and the angels) and the invisible rule of God over the people who at their freewill submit to his leadership on earth.

God has always wanted to be ruler over mankind, but he never forces himself to govern anyone or any group of people.

People don't want to be ruled by God because they feel God’s rule is difficult and they will be with limited liberty to do whatever they want. But the ways of God are easier and very simple when we come to his understanding.

The need for the Kingdom of heaven arouse since the time of the children of Israel in the wilderness. God governed them from their exit of Egypt through the wilderness to the promised land. God desiring to continue leading them gave them priests and prophets through whom he can give direction. But they opted instead for a king.

God who doesn't force himself on people still finds the need for mankind to be governed by him, but this time not on compulsion but free will. This gave rise to the need for the kingdom of heaven which is God's invisible leadership over mankind who wish to be ruled by him.

Only those interested can on their own come under the leadership of God. There's only one gate that gives access to the kingdom of heaven and the gate is Jesus.

God is on the throne in the kingdom with Jesus standing by the gate of the kingdom crying out that no one can go to the Father in the kingdom except through him (John 14:6; 10:9).

The people under the leadership of the kingdom of heaven do not live at their own pace or set of rules. They act completely different from the ways of the world. For this reason, they are always at variance with the people of the world. The world sees them as very strange.

They are like a citizen of a country going to another country with a different lifestyle. Such people will be seen as strange and different by the people of the country they are visiting.

However, just as there is the kingdom of heaven ruled by God so also there is the kingdom of darkness ruled by Satan. People are ruled by Satan either consciously or unconsciously. Consciously if they have gone into a covenant with him for fame, power, and riches or unconsciously when they are under sin.

One of the major reasons Christ came to the world was to set up the Kingdom. He sent his forerunner John the Baptist to proclaim soon coming the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 3:2). But unfortunately, the kingdom was set after the death of John the Baptist. For this reason, Christ said that the least of the kingdom of heaven is greater than John the Baptist because John the Baptist did not live to be part of the kingdom of heaven on earth (Matthew 11:11).

Let all men submit to God's invisible rule through the kingdom so we can get his blessings and become what we have always desired.

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