What The Right Christian Attitude During Difficult Times Is

Christian crying

The life they say is a circle of both the good and bad times. The Christian life is not exempted from troubles. In this world you will have tribulations, Jesus said (John 16:33).

However, no Christian should wait for difficult times. God has given his children the power to live a victorious life which they enjoy when they continually abide in his presence.

But God sometimes permits difficult times as a test of character. During this time he expects the Christian to show the right attitude as it's only temporary.

The right Christian attitude during difficult times is exemplified by Jesus in his journey with his disciples on a boat, Peter's walk with Christ on the sea, and the Canaanite woman's patient response to Jesus.

Jesus was on a boat with his disciples when a great storm arose. Jesus was fast asleep. The frightened disciples woke him up from sleep. When Jesus arose, he rebuked the storm (Mark 4:37-39).

Jesus rebuking the storm means he spoke to the situation. Christians in a similar way are to speak to every challenging situation they are passing through. This can be done majorly through prayer.

Many times during difficult times, some are tempted to neglect their relationship and communion with God and strive with their strength. Instead of questioning God why he should allow such, remain steadfast in prayer persistently rebuking the storm as Jesus did and there will be a great calm eventually (Mark 4:39).

The right Christian attitude during challenging times is also illustrated in Peter's encounter with Jesus walking on the sea with him.

Jesus, after meeting with a group of his followers and Christians asked his disciples to go across the sea and that he will join them later (Matthew 14:22).

Unknowingly to them, he intended to join them on the other side of the sea on barefoot walking on the water.

The boat of the disciples was in the middle of the sea when they saw Jesus walking on the sea. Frightened at first, Peter requested that he walk to him on the water and Christ agreed (Matthew 14:28-29).

Peter was moving successfully on the sea when a turbulent wind blew. Losing focus on Christ, he was troubled by the wind and he began to sink (Matthew 14:30).

This shows that in difficult times, just as the turbulent wind Peter experienced, every Christian is to set his sight on God and not to lose focus on him. Setting our sights and attention on God in difficult times means remaining committed to him in times of trials.  To continue to seek his kingdom and everything he has committed to our hands as Christians. 

The right Christian attitude in difficult times is also seen in the encounter of the Canaanite woman with Jesus. She was passing through difficult times. Her daughter was troubled by a demon. She called for the attention of Jesus, but he did not answer immediately (Matthew 15:23).

Sometimes in difficult times, God will seem silent like he has forsaken you, but the silence of God is not always a “no” for an answer but wants to make himself known to you better.

The Canaanite woman did not go away angry. She was patiently waiting for the response of Christ. Christ responded eventually and her child was healed through her faith and patience.

Every Christian in difficult times needs patience. Even while crying to God to resolve the situation, patience is needed to wait for his answer. He will always respond eventually but in his way.

May God help us all Christians exhibit the right attitude in difficult times, Amen.

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