How God Answers Prayer

Prayer to God

There has been a misconception that God doesn't answer prayer. Some others say he does but delays it. But the Lord answers when we know how to pray and how he answers it.

God created man majorly for communion and relationship. This was why he had a great communion with Adam and Eve in the garden speaking audibly to them, which is not a common experience today (Genesis 3:9).

But man fell through Adam and lost communion with God, but his desire to commune with man remains. He likes when we speak to him and he speaks back. This is done through prayer.

God doesn't want man to speak to him casually but to take speaking to him as a top concern. For this he wants every man to imbibe with the principle of persistence and consistency in speaking to him through prayer.

He (God) came in the form of a man in the person of Jesus. His disciples came to him in Luke 11:1-13, requesting that he should teach them how to pray. After giving them an example and pattern they should follow in Luke 11:2-4, he taught them in parable the prerequisite and key needed to get prayers answered. The key was persistence and continuity.

He illustrated with a man who had a visitor from a far journey who might be hungry and have nothing to give to him. The day was dark and the shop to buy some food items to give to his visitor must be closed.

The man went to his neighbor at night and begged him for some loaves of bread. The neighbor refused at the first try, but the man himself didn't give up. Christ said because of the man's importunity, the man being asked from was left with no other option than to give what his friend requested.

Importunity has to do with persistent asking and that is what God demands. God is not disturb when his people trouble him with their prayer but his disturb more when they don't pray. Call upon my name and I will answer, he has said (Jeremiah 29:12).

Christ also illustrated the key of persistence in prayer with the parable of the unrighteous judge with the widow who came to him demanding he should avenge her adversary. He was reluctant for a while but because of her persistence and continual coming he succumbed (Luke 18:2-8). If an unrighteous judge could not turn down the persistent demand of someone, how then can God who is righteous and judges the entire world turn down the persistent request of his people. 

Persistence in the answers of prayers is also illustrated in the book of Daniel.

Daniel took some time off to pray for his people and he prayed for three weeks. Persistently crying to God in prayer, the answer eventually came with an angelic visitation (Daniel 10:10).

The angel said God answered the prayer of Daniel from the very first day he set his heart to pray and his persistence in asking helped him to break through the barriers in the heavens to bring the answer (Daniel 10:12).

It is not God that cause the delays in the answers to prayer caused by the battles in the heavens, but he permitted it so we can continually travail in prayer.

He wants to hear from you always and wants that kind of relationship he had with Adam and Eve before the fall where he could speak to them clearly.

The more you speak to God in prayer the more he responds to you either through dreams, vision/trance, internal or external audible voice, his word or even through physical sensations which come in diverse ways.

Go now into your room, shut the door and pray!

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