Overcoming Difficult Times in Christian Life

Christ calms the storm

A Christian shouldn't wait for difficulties that could be avoided through prayer.

There are some misconceptions that Christian life should be full of trials and difficulties, but God has given everyone the power to live a victorious life. The choice to use it is for the believer to decide. 

Though God has given every Christian the power to live a victorious life, difficulties may come at one point or the other. The problem isn't with the storm itself, but how it is dealt with.

Storm in Christian life is illustrated in Matthew 8:23-26. The disciples of Christ were with him in the ship when a storm arose, but Christ was asleep.

Storm arising while the disciples were with Jesus shows that a believer can experience difficult times while being a follower of Christ. Christ said we will have tribulations in the world but we will overcome (John 16:33).

While in difficult times, there is the assurance of overcoming for those who stay strong in faith (1 John 4:4).

Christ's journey with his disciples on the ship shows four attributes for a Christian to overcome difficult times.

The first is faith. This is seen in Matthew 8:26 when the disciples became fearful when the storm arose. Jesus wasn't happy with their lack of faith.

Faith demands that the disciples trust the security of their presence with Christ. This applies to every Christian, that in times of trouble, we should remember God's promise of security and safety.

Another quality to overcoming difficult times is prayer. This is seen in Matthew 8:25 when the disciples called on Jesus to come to their rescue. Lord save us, we perish, they said (Matthew 8:25). In times of difficulties and trials, God expects every Christian to call on him.

The third virtue a Christian needs to overcome difficulties is fearlessness. Jesus in Matthew 8:26 was appalled by his disciples' fearfulness. Every believer should feed his faith and not their fears. God has not given us the spirit of fear but a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

The fourth virtue every Christian needs in difficult times is watchfulness. Watchfulness is vigilance. The disciples were watching by staying awake, and because they were, they could alert Jesus of the storm (Matthew 8:25).

Christians should not only pray but watch  (Matthew 26:41).

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