What Causes Unfruitfulness in Christian Life

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There are several causes of unfruitfulness in the life of a Christian, but one of the major causes is hiding the word or the reluctance to spread the word of God.

This is seen in Mark 4:21. It is from the context of Christ's parable to his disciples concerning the word of God. Christ asked in the verse, “Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick?”

The candle represents the word. Candle brings lights and the word of God has been compared with light (2 Corinthians 4:4).

In Mark 4:20 Christ in his parables said that there are some Christians who hear the word of God and it bears fruit in them. Some thirty, sixty, or hundred folds.

In the following verse, he asked if a candle can be hidden. That means the Christians who hide the candle (the word) bears no fruit at all.

In the next verse in Mark 4:22 Christ said there's nothing hidden that shall not be brought to the open or anything kept in secret that shall not be made known.

What that means is that no matter how hard the word is being suppressed or hidden by some “Christians”, it will still be made manifest. If any Christian ignores his call by God to spread the word, he will always have other alternatives. He will call other men, even if they weren’t his first choice.

In Mark 4:25 Christ said that the Christians that already have will be given more and those that do not have the little in their possession will be taken away.

That means the Christian that bears little fruit from spreading the word will be pruned to bear more fruit. While the ones that do nothing and even criticize the ones making effort, the little they have will be taken away and they might even grow worse (John 15:2).

In Mark 4:26-28, Jesus said that the work of a Christian in his kingdom is like a seed cast to the ground. He expects the seed to grow and yield fruits but doesn't know how it will happen. He just cast the seed to the ground by faith.

The seed grows eventually. He then harvests from his labor. This is the same with the Christian continually sharing the word of God. He might not even have the intention to be blessed by God. He just does everything with passion but will always be blessed, eventually.

When the fruits spring out, then the harvest comes (prosperity). Every great man of God you hear about today followed this process. They started small, sharing the word of God to few, but God always has his way to bless those who stay committed and true.

Many Christians are anxious over crowds at the start of the journey. But Jesus stated that the crowd does not come immediately.

According to Christ in Mark 4:30-32, the work Christians do in the kingdom is like a small grain of seed planted. The seed is “less”. That means not of much value in the eyes of people, but later on, grows and brings forth its branches holding the grains of mustard seeds.

The birds of the air come to the tree. And guess what they come to do? To feed on the grains!

When the tree was growing and developing its roots it was overlooked by people. Some weren't sure if the tree (the Christian) will bear fruit or not. Some others seeing the tree growing prefer to wait patiently in silence till it brings forth its grain.

And behold when the branches of the tree spring out and the grains are formed the whole birds nearby become happy. They run towards the tree to feed on the grain.

This symbolizes the crowd that will come when the Christian comes to maturity, even when not initially noticed.

God expects every Christian to share his word. No greater mandate is given to them than to send the light of the gospel through any means possible that can reach the audience (Mark 16:15).

May God help us always to do this will. Amen.
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