Will Rapture Happen Before or During Tribulation?

The answer is uncertain, and that is why it's asked as a question. The rapture is the catching away of all saints from the world in a time when there will be a great agony and distress across the world (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

Different Christian groups hold different views of how the rapture will take place. Some pre-tribulation, others post-tribulation and some others mid-tribulation. What is certain is that God will never allow his children to face a difficult time beyond that which they can bear because the moments of the great tribulation will be unbearable (1 Corinthians 10:13).

The tribulation is a seven years period of the reign of the antichrist. The first three and half years will be peaceful and the other half will be violent. He will know he will have a short time left so will like taking as many as he can with him to hell by force.

The antichrist will come as a man of peace, pretending to set things in order. At that time the world will be in disarray and in great distress. Wars and famines in diverse places (Matthew 24:7).

If the rapture will take place before the tribulation, then the antichrist will come and exercise full authority over the world, then there should be no need for a period of peace. This because as an agent of destruction he knows he has a short time left. He will love causing a lot of destruction as possible and even the seven years period of tribulation will not be enough for him.

But if the rapture takes place during the tribulation, maybe at the middle period, there will be need for a period of peace. This is because the people of God will be around and so he can't exact his whole power of violence. If he does, the people of God will cry to God in prayer. God will hear and he will be in great trouble.

God will not let his children to pass through extreme difficult time beyond that which they can bear. His wrath is for the ungodly who refuse to accept the saving grace of his dear Son Jesus (John 3:36).

The antichrist since he can’t exact full violence against the people of God, he can use peace instead to deceive to carry out his evil agendas. He may make the world a peaceful place for a short time with money everywhere (even though he has been the one withholding the money) fast and cheap internet connection and so many others. And many will think the messiah has come.

During this time of peace and abundance, he will able to carry out his deceptive agenda and plans because only just a few would suspect. The peace and comfort is to keep everyone asleep, but the scriptures says for by peace he shall destroy many  (Daniel 8:25; 1 Thessalonians 5:3).

When the children of God are then taken away at mid tribulation, then he will manifest his true colours and carry out his full mission. The wrath of God would be poured to the earth, and there will be little or no chance at all to escape.

Whether the rapture will take place before or at mid tribulation period, Jesus the Lord has told us to be sober, watchful and prayerful because no one knows the time he will come (Mark 13:33). Christians should not be carried away by anything of the world, whether peace, abundance or comfort.

Whether the rapture will take before or mid tribulation is uncertain. Probably you have a certain fact. You can let us know at the comment box.
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