What Jesus Expects from Every Christian

Jesus with his disciples

A  Christian is a follower of Jesus and not only a follower of Christ but also one professing to believe in him without fear or shame.

Jesus expects many things from a Christian among which is not keeping him secret in his life.

This is obvious  in Matthew 10:32 that says, “Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”

Jesus expects each of his follower as a Christian to make him known to the world. This can be done by professing him continually.

In verse 33 of Matthew 10 Christ said whoever denies him before men he will also will deny the person before the Father in heaven. Denial of Christ may not always mean a literal denial like as Peter, one of his disciples, did or when frightened to do so.

Denial of Christ also can also mean acting like you don't know him because of the fear of the rejection of the world or the fear of being deprived of some certain privileges.

An example of someone who didn’t keep Jesus secret when he became a Christian and disciple of Christ after finding him was Matthew also called Levi who was a tax collector.

Jesus saw him at his place of work and ask him to follow him and he did (Luke 5:27-28). It was recorded that he made a great feast in his house. He invited his friends to celebrate the new life he has found in Christ as a Christian (Luke 5:29).

There is a price to pay for the stance as a Christian or publicly making Christ known. This includes ridicule from the world, hatred from people and sometimes even death like with Stephen (Acts 7:59). But being rejected by the world and accepted by the Lord, or rejected by the Lord and accepted by the world, which is better?

Christ warned his disciples that the servant is not greater than the master. This means if they hated him, they will hate his follower as a Christian also (John 15:20). The love from the world is fake and the hatred in hell is unbearable.

Jesus is the only name that can save and make anyone a Christian (Acts 4:12). When his name is not made known, the saving of souls is limited. This is why Satan rejoice when he puts the fear of hatred of the world in the hearts of a Christian when he makes his stance for Christ known. Everyone needs the name of Jesus to be saved and even the haters too.

Everyone wants to be blessed, but how can we be blessed by someone who we pretend not to know. Just as someone may have the intention of giving a girl child a gift but she ignores him when she sees him. He then looks elsewhere for another child to give the gift.

However, making Christ known should be genuine. Jesus said of some people who confess him with their lips, but their heart is far from him (Matthew 15:8). These are hypocrites living in sin and use the name of Jesus as a “bedspread” to cover it up. Judgement awaits such if they fail to repent and become a true Christian.

Jesus wants his name known and published. It's absurd to be ashamed of the one through whom everything is made, and yet not ashamed to possess the things made through him (John 1:3). 

May God help everyone as a Christian not to be ashamed of the name of Jesus. Amen.

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