Why Good People Suffer

A women who needs healing

Good people exist only by God's grace.  No one can be good by himself without having the Holy Spirit. Goodness itself is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22).  Some people try to feel good by the good gesture they show, but deep within them, it is not part of their nature. 
There is always a reason why good people suffer.

Why good people suffer has been pondered by people considering that since they are good, good should also return to them. There are several reasons good people suffer, but the major reason is when the Holy Spirit is quenched in them.

Apostle Paul admonished believers not to quench the Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19). That is what Satan and his agents strive at — to quench the Spirit of God in believers. He does this majorly by luring the individual to sin or by filling the individual with many activities so he won't have the time to pray and study God's word which is the "food" to the Holy Spirit. 

Nobody can function well without having the proper diet. So the Holy Spirit is.  The Holy Spirit does not belong to this world.  He is like a sojourner who visited another country.  Don’t expect him to feed on the rice and beans you eat. You are accustomed to feeding rice, can you easily acclimatize to the food eaten in China if you visit there?  But you have to go with the food you can eat.

The Holy Spirit did not bring any food here. He descended on the apostles in the upper room like tongues of fire with spiritual gifts and not with food (Acts 2:3). You are to feed him. Read your Bible, pray and stay away from overburdening yourself with too many activities.

Some people say good people suffer because of prayerlessness.  This is partly true because it is when the Holy Spirit is quenched that brings about prayerlessness.  It is the Holy Spirit that helps individuals to pray. He makes intercession for us with groaning that cannot be uttered (Romans 8:26). When the Holy Spirit is active in you, He will move you to pray.  You just need prayer, fasting, and the word to keep him active in you.

Some other reason good people suffer is the abandonment of God's holy covenants.  God said we will find him when we seek Him, but if we forsake him, he will forsake us (2 Chronicles 15:2).  There may be no difference between breaking God’s covenant or breaking Satan's covenant because they both lead to suffering but Satan's covenant can be broken by the power of God. A covenant or an agreement is a covenant anywhere and anytime. It’s better not to go into any covenant than to break it. 

Another reason again why good people suffer is God's measure taken to draw a person back to his call.  He does not want anyone to perish but for his love when he sees a person going out of his will, he permits affliction to come on him as a way of correction. This he did to Jonah when he disobeyed God and was in the whale's belly for days (Jonah 1).

Another reason good people suffer is God's test of faith. When a machine is produced, it is tested by the owner to see how well it will serve its purpose or if there will be any need for amendment.  This happened to Job when he did not sin but suffered because his faith was tried. It happened also to the apostles and saints of old.  The trial of our faith the scriptures says is light and cannot be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us (2 Corinthians 4:17). 

Good people also suffer when they fall into sin. The Holy Spirit is grieved when someone falls into sin.  He convicts to encourage repentance. Failure to repent can make him suffer.

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