The Unforgivable Sin

Sorrowful for sin

The Bible gave some conditions to get our sins forgiven. Some of which is when we confess the sin or if we forgive the offence of another (1 John 1:9; Matthew 6:14-15). There is a sin that cannot be forgiven, and this is the unforgivable sin. 

The Pharisees thought Jesus was blaspheming because he was taking the position of God to forgive sin, but they never knew He himself was God (John 10:30).  With this, blaspheming involves a man ascribing what is for God to a man or to himself. This can be ascribing the glory and praise of God to himself. Every man is just a tool and vessel in God’s hands and can only do within the limit God permits. 

All praise and glory must go to God. Many times we read on the media that a certain pastor or prophet healed someone when it is supposed to be said that God himself healed the person. God is a jealous God and will not share his glory with any man (Deuteronomy 4:24). Giving glory to ourselves is a sin.

However, blaspheming can go deeper than that and this is blaspheming of the Holy Spirit. It is the unforgivable sin (Mark 3:29).

Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit is any deliberate act of showing disrespect to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God, and he is present right here on earth with us since the time Jesus Christ ascended to heaven (John 16:7). Showing any disrespect to the Holy Spirit is like a son showing disrespect to his dad right before his face and that can't be tolerated.

An account of blaspheming against to Holy Spirit seen is in the encounter of Jesus with the scribes (Mark 3:23-29). 

Jesus had the Holy Spirit and cast evil spirits by the power of Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:28). The scribes ascribed it to the devil. This is blaspheming and obvious disrespect to the Holy Spirit. Ascribing the work of God or the work of the Spirit to another source is blaspheming and should be avoided. This is a sin and should be avoided.

We are advised to limit criticism of the work done by the people used by God without evidence to our claim in order not to be tempted to commit this sin.

Jesus also in Luke 12 warned us about the corruption of the Pharisees (Luke 12:1). These were the people who opposed him during his earthly ministry, threatening him with death sometimes. 

The Pharisees is symbolic with the people who try to suppress the gospel of Christ from spreading. They will do this even with death threat. But Jesus said they should not be feared because they can kill the body, but the only one true God who can kill the body and destroy the soul in hell should be feared and reverenced (Luke 12:4-5). 

However, for by strength shall no man prevail (1 Samuel 2:9). Every individual is to rely on the power of God to overcome. We can only be more than conquerors "through him" and not through ourselves (Romans 8:37).  Everyone is advised to give themselves to prayer, fasting and study of the word because the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing (Matthew 26:41). 

Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit can take place in this instance when the individual is pressured or tortured to do so (Luke 12:10). 

Everyone is advised to walk circumspectly by giving heed to his Christian exercises and walking in the Holy Spirit to overcome (Ephesians 5:15; Galatians 5:16). 

May God give us the grace not to sin against God. Amen.
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