How to Be Blessed by God

Receiving blessing from God

This is a biblical application. There are different ways to get blessing and healing from God, but Jesus gave a specific way to get blessing and reward from him.

This he stated in Matthew 10:40-42. He said whoever receives a prophet shall get a prophet's reward and applicable also to righteous people. This involves any acts of kindness shown to people called by God or anyone living a holy life.  

This is illustrated in 1 Kings 17. God directed Elijah to a widow woman after there was lack in the area he was (1 Kings 17:9). The woman received Elijah warmly. Elijah demanded from her and said she only had little which she has purposed in her heart for herself and family to feed on before they die of hunger (1 Kings 17:11-12). 

Elijah encourage her to surrender that which she has, and she did. Instead of her and the family to die, they lived and there was an increase in the little they had (1 Kings 17:16). 
The woman son later fell ill (1 Kings 17:17).  The woman in sorrow wept and thought it was the presence of Elijah that caused it. Elijah prayed for the child and he got his healing and blessing (1 Kings 17:18-22). 

The kindness the woman showed to Elijah spared her life and the life of her son who later got his healing.

Is there anyone among you in lack, look for a genuine man of God and bless his ministry and you will be blessed. But ensure you know who the person is and is standing for the truth or you may be laying foundation blocks for Satan.

He may not be a high Christian personality.  He can be any righteous person around you whether man or woman.

If you are having any problem may be with health or other issues, go meet that same person you helped to pray for you and you will see an answer to your prayer because God's word can't be broken. Just as the woman helped Elijah cried out to him that her son was sick and the prayer of faith of Elijah saved her son, so the prayer of the people of God you help will save you (James 5:16) 

The receiver however should be cautious and know who he receives from.  Remember God himself directed Elijah to the woman (1 Kings 17:9). Follow God's leading and use your discernment.

Helping little children also please God.  Jesus in Matthew 10:42  says whoever gives even a cup of water to any of the little ones shall not lose his reward. He said that because little children were around him.  He was always present with little children, even when his disciples tried to chase them away (Matthew 19:13-14). 

However you should do everything by faith and for the love of it and not expecting any reward or blessing from God and you will be blessed abundantly. 

Getting blessing does not guarantee heaven. We must surrender our lives to Jesus and live a holy life to make heaven or you may live in paradise on Earth but in eternal torture in hell if you fail to give your life to Jesus Christ. 
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