How to Overcome Sexual Lust

Lust between two people

Sexual lust has plagued the lives of many. Lust itself is to have carnal desire or to desire eagerly the satisfaction of carnal appetite.

There are different ways to help keep sexual urge at bay, but Jesus gave the best way in Matthew 5:28. He says whoever looks at a woman and lust after her has committed adultery in his heart.

This differs from admiration. It involves looking at someone with a strong desire to get sexual gratification with the person.

With the statement, Jesus Christ exposed a very good way to overcome lust. This is the eye control technique.

The eye control technique is proposing in your heart to have complete control over what you look.  This involves self discipline.

There are people who dress inappropriately on the street, but it is not limited to it. Even on social media, too. Satan has proliferated everywhere with things and people that create lust. 

When your eyes sees it for the first time propose in your heart not to look the second time. With constant practise, it becomes part of you.

The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 that we should guard our heart with all diligence because from it proceed the issues of life. We can do this with the eye control technique. The eye is the “mouth” of the heart.  Whatever your eyes sees goes to the heart and remains there. Your eyes is the “spoon” of your heart.

Avoid sexual explicit or pornographic site because continually indulging in such is like hugging a transformer, killing your own self by your own self.

Coming to Jesus is the foundation that will help you overcome lust.  But Jesus has helped many to overcome, but they fall back into it. They don't know that they have their own role to play to keep and to protect that which is given to them.

When God helps you he wants you to play your own part. He saves you from sin, play your own role by avoiding sin. He helped you overcome lust, play your own role by controlling your eyes. 

We pray that Jesus who is Lord will help us all today and forever. 
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