How to Overcome Sexual Lust

Lust between people

Sexual lust affects many. Some desires change but it's beyond their control. 

Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:28 showed a good way to overcome lust through eye control and discipline. Eye control is a decision from within to control what you look at.

Some people dress inappropriately on the street and on social media. Everywhere is filled with lust.  When you see a lustful appearance for the first time, don't look a second time. With constant practice, it becomes part of you.

The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 that we should guard our heart with diligence because it controls life. We guard our hearts through eye control. The eye is like the mouth of the heart. Your eyes feed your heart.

Avoid pornography. It's bad.

Life in Christ overcome lust. Jesus helps us to overcome but we must adopt self-discipline on our part. When God helps you, he wants you to play your role. 
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