The Greatest Desire of Satan

Representation of Satan

Satan desires so many evil things, but his greatest desire is, and has always been, to be superior both to God and to man. He desires that he is on top above everyone. 

This is illustrated in the temptation of Satan against Christ. He took Christ to a high mountain and promised to give him all the kingdoms of the world if he “fall down and worship him”  (Matthew 4:8-9). 

To fall down and worship means to pay homage to someone of superior rank just as a servant pays homage to a king. This has always been the dream of Satan for Christ, who is God to be his subject. Before his fall, he whispered to himself to exalt himself above the throne of God (Isaiah 14:13-14). 

This strong desire to rise to the top has been transferred to his agents as they desire to always sit as the chief in any establishment or organization. 

The Bible says he that humbles himself shall be exalted (Luke 14:11). It takes humility for God to exalt any man but for Satan and his agents, all it takes for them is pride and vainglory. 

Since Satan knows he can't be superior to God, he wants every man to be under his control. He has been working on this since ages. He uses various ways, but his major tool to bring man under his control is through enticement (Proverbs 1:10). 

Every man is tempted from his desire within. The bible says every man is tempted after being drawn away by his own lust (James 1:14). For example, an inpatient man having a strong desire to be a billionaire will be tempted by Satan with wealth and may fall if precaution is not taken. 

Satan knew Christ would have his own kingdom. He promised to give him something similar which he may desire. He promised to give him the kingdom of the world. He always presents that which someone will desire. 

The gifts of God should not be handled with too much excitement but the holder should be sober and precautious instead because it comes with enormous responsibility and an account will be given to God on how it is used (Matthew 25:19). 

So many people who God entrusted with gifts for the benefit of his Kingdom is now using that same gift for the kingdom of the world which belongs to Satan and which he promised to give Christ when he tempted him (Matthew 4:8-6). 

Such an individual is like the unfaithful servant who was given a talent by his master but he hid it in the “Earth” (in the kingdom of the world and away from the kingdom of God). 

The unfaithful servant becomes unprofitable because he is unprofitable to the kingdom of God and shall be cast out into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth if he fails to repent (Matthew 25:24-30). 

We should use all God has given us for his glory so that the desire of Satan to bring under control all human and their God’s given gifts will not be actualized. 

May God give us all the grace to overcome the works of Satan in our lives. Amen.
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