How to Be Lead by God

Jesus leading a man

No man is born without being placed under the guidance of someone. Every human is born to be under the guidance of their parents at a tender age. Spiritually, all human is born to be under the guidance of God but because of the fall of the man they found themselves like wanderers not knowing where they come from or where they are heading to.

The heavenly Father knowing man has lost direction had to send his son Jesus to lead every man through the part of life to heaven. 

In the story of the wise men, when they visited Jesus, they were wandering initially moving to Herod to get his direction but when they had met Jesus, God started leading them. He warned them in a dream not to return to Herod and they followed another way (Matthew 2:12). 

All it takes to be led by God is to have an encounter and close relationship with Jesus. You can't be led by God without a close relationship with Christ. Jesus says no man comes to the Father except through him (John 14:6). 

When you meet Jesus, God becomes your closest friend. Just as he communicated to the wise men through dreams, he will communicate with you through diverse ways like visions, still small voice, and even through his word. 

The bible says those led by the Spirit of God are his sons but no other son could be able to be led by him without an encounter with his first-begotten Son. He is the “womb opener” and other sons are under him (John 1:18). 

Many fall into error when they wish to do things their way or when they follow the counsel of everyone, most especially from unrighteous people (Psalm 1:1). 

The people led by God are often criticized and misinterpreted because their ways can't be fully comprehended. The ways of the Lord can't be completely understood by man either. He says his ways are not our ways and His thoughts, not our thought (Isaiah 55:8). 

God desire to lead us in every path we take. The places we go, the friends we keep and even in marriage, but we have to permit him to lead us. We should permit him to lead us because he never forces his way through. Though he had given us the free will to make choice, we should let his will only be done in our lives.
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