Why God Created Every Man

A child created by God

The major reason God created man is for him to be conformed to the image of his son Jesus. Some may think to accumulate wealth or becoming successful is the major reason for their existence, but this is not true.

To be conformed to the image of Christ, we must have a genuine love for God who called us out of darkness into his light (Romans 8:28-29).

God knows you before you were born, just as he knew Jeremiah before he created him (Jeremiah 1:5). Everyone is born for a purpose. It saddens the heart of the Lord when a person lives outside the main purpose he is created (becoming like Jesus).

The only people God don’t know and will deny eventually are those acting outside his will. They are those doing his work when they are yet to be fully conformed to Christ. Jesus has said he will tell them, “I never knew you”. This is because they pretend to work for God when they are still living in sin (Matthew 7:23). Such should repent or they will see the wrath of God in their lives.

To be conformed to the image of Jesus, we must obey by believing in Jesus and we will be washed from our sins with his blood. Thereafter the Holy Spirit will possess us and sanctify us to make us holy. The grace will be given to us to live like Jesus (1 Peter 1:2). Only when we are conformed to the image of Jesus and him living in us we can be made perfect and fit to be used by God (John 17:23).

Almost everyone is talking about the rapture, but how many people are ready for the rapture? The Bible stated those who will be taken at the rapture, “... when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (1 John 3:2). It is only those that have become like Christ and have overcome sin that will go with him when he appears.

God created man for a different purpose like helping people, to get married and multiply but the main reason he created us is to be like his Son Jesus. Without our conformity to be like Christ, all other achievements of this world will be in vain because the person will not make eternal life.
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