How God Gives Healing

Woman in need of healing

Sickness is a disturbance to the body and soul. The body and soul can get sick.

Physical and spiritual sicknesses are caused by sin. God gives healing for both.

John 11 tells of Lazarus that was sick. His sisters sent for Jesus for his healing. Jesus said God only allowed it to manifest his power. This shows why God permits sickness. God allows it that his wonders should be done through us.

Sickness is not meant for death though Satan makes people feel so. He alters our faith with fear because he knows healing will come through it. (Hebrews 11:6).

Some people lack patience and they seek other means of healing. God demands patience from us. He wants us to wait on him.

We get healed through Christ. The sisters of Lazarus knew this before they sent for Jesus to heal their brother (John 11:3).
Jesus heals and he wants patience from us. He went about Galilee healing the sick and he still does the same today (Matthew 4:23).

Jesus in the life of a person does not guarantee instant healing. Jesus did not respond immediately when he was called by Lazarus' sisters but he came eventually. Patience is needed to receive healing from Jesus. (John 11:6).
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