How to Receive Healing From God

Woman in need of healing

Sickness is the malfunctioning of the body or soul or both. The body can get sick (physical), and even the soul also (spiritual). Physical sickness is caused by environmental and other factors while spiritual sickness is caused by sin, but God has provided healing for both physical and spiritual sickness.

In most cases, sickness of the soul leads to the sickness of the body. Just as a fruit that has a worm on the inside will spread till the defects are seen on the outside of the fruit.

John 11 tells of a man named Lazarus. He was sick and his sisters sent for Jesus that he might get healed. Jesus in John 11:4 said the sickness was not for death but for the power of God to be made manifest in his life that all glory and praise will go to him.

This shows the purpose of sickness. Not all sickness is for death. God uses some sickness to reveal his wonders to us so we can praise him always when we get divine healing.

Some people who are sick feel God is wicked for leaving them in that condition. They don’t know the actual reason he permitted the sickness in their lives and he is making provisions for them to get healed.

Sickness is not meant to kill us, even if Satan tries his best to make us feel so. He tries to alter our faith because he knows it’s through it we will get our healing from God (Hebrews 11:6).

Some because of lack of patience and influenced by Satan seek other means to get healing. They do this through witch doctors and get themselves destroyed since God does not permit consulting those with a familiar spirit (Leviticus 19:31).

We get healed by God by inviting Jesus into our lives. The sisters of Lazarus knew this when they sent for Jesus when their brother was sick (John 11:3).

Wait on Jesus. Just as he walked through the street of Galilee healing the sick and giving us to the hopeless, he is still doing the same today (Matthew 4:23).

However, we should note that inviting Christ into our lives does not guarantee instant healing. Remember, Jesus did not answer the call of Lazarus sisters immediately but he came eventually (John 11:6).

Be patient and Christ will arrive to give you the healing you seek in his time. Good luck!
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